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Mirrored glass

For the second time in less than a week, a train headed downtown loomed up in the morning.  As for commutes it couldn’t be easier, wandering down the hill in a straight shot, standing on a platform exposed to freeway … Continue reading

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The rain is falling steadily tonight, coating the dry ground, soaking deep within the roots of the plants that line the outer perimeter of the yard.  The lawn floods into pools, then resides as the water is quickly absorbed below. … Continue reading

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The Big Rethink

Collectively it seems that the time for a refreshed view of the world needs to occur.  Every aspect, personal, professional, political and polytheistic, needs a reassessment as to value and place.  The core is solid, a nucleus that can’t be … Continue reading

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Parallel to You and everything else

There’s something to be said about parallels.  Things that coexist side by side, perfectly separated as they move through space.  They may not be equal at all times, rather there’s blips and bumps that create inequality through the progression, but it … Continue reading

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