The Future is Unwritten

Joe Strumner, Earthquake Weather

Joe Strummer

It’s been way too quiet of late.  Small tremors are out there,  but in reality overall nothing is happening.   You would think that this is a good thing, but in reality it is nothing but a reprieve from the inevitable.

Living in Los Angeles, one expects the ground to rumble from time to time.  The land is fractured and scarred with evidence of tectonic history that is anything but passive.  The unspoken agreement is that at any given moment the ground may shift, inching ever closer to the northwest.  Southern California is technically not a part of North America, but is an out cropping of a massive Pacific Plate of land.  Yes, I know, geology is interesting for 5 minutes of discussion, then the details get in the way, and haze forms over many peoples eyes of boredom, so enough about the science.  Setting the terra aside, the human factor is all that is to be mentioned or spoken of beyond this point.

The element of knowing that at any given moment, without warning calamity may crop out it’s head, does something to a set of people.  Perhaps it’s a sense of fatalism that oozes into ones actions, or cynicism that events are beyond ones control, hence why worry.   Yes, there’s that aspect, but not to the point of toxicity.  Instead, there’s a freedom of recognizing the tenuous nature of what is below our feet, and above us.  In this recognition, an ease can be found, prepared for, understood.

All that said, it’s been very quiet around here of late.



About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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