Do ants dream about flying?

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again, 2009, by Cody Trepte

No one knows what the outcome will be, or what the best scenario would look like.  I think that previous line pretty much sums up anything that happens in this life, whether it be with children, friends, family, or civil wars in distant lands.  Oddly enough, the internal landscape seems to mirror the exterior world for us humans.

I wonder if an ant has the same summation of the world about it (possibly, but I’ve never talked to one that has cared to respond), fretting about dwindling resources, lack of sleep, or the over the top amount of work that it takes to protect and maintain ones safety.   I suppose they do dream, about ant like things.  I am sure also that there are probably all manner of ant professions (except for writers possibly, I have yet to see documentation about that) from soldiers to technicians, maybe even doctors and lawyers for all we know.  If ants were to put an ant on the moon, we probably would never know it, and for that matter they may already have done it millions of years ago.

There is a grand amount of things that we believe we understand about the world about us, with our species centric view.  I can easily see all about me totems of our ability to tame and control the outside environment, allowing for other pursuits to be had.   All of this is of course a good thing, why not move ahead rather than be mired in caves and rawhide; houses and cotton are much more comfortable.  And with the control over life threatening diseases, we are able to live far more productive lives that extend the options for happiness.

Where I think we get ourselves into trouble, is when we think too much.  Now I’m not saying that we should stop thinking, pondering or reflecting on the world; but I am advocating that rumination tends to lead to all sorts of dark corners that actually don’t exist.  The big brains that we came equipped with tend to have a tremendous amount of extra capacity, which allows for them to kind of get side tracked.  Just as they (whomever the omnipresent ‘they’ maybe) say, “Idol hands do the devils work”, so true is an idol mind (though there isn’t a devil, so I’m not sure who’s work is being done, other than troubles themselves).  Excess space in the cranium is good, plenty of space for storage of memories and life experiences, with lots of room for running all manner of thoughts concurrently, helping to explain fragments that maybe baffling at times.

The trick is balance out between that which is a part of the world, solid, known, and that which is mired in worries that completely self constructed. Maybe it is a case of bridging the world in which we live in, with that of the ant, and just perhaps we will find solace and comfort in the joys of living life, in the present, in the now.








About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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