So you say you want a revolution…

Anthropometries of the Blue Period, by Yves Klein, 1960

Guy walks into a bar with a duck on his head. The bartender looks up and says, “Where did you get that ape?” Guy says, “This isn’t an ape, it’s a duck”. Bartender says, “I was TALKING to the duck”

And so the day begins.  Waiting for the rain while staring at sunshine, while just the other day I was staring at rain waiting for the sun to peak through.  I do have to admit that it is pretty nice not having to water the garden or lawn, the sky abides so to speak.  What it does afford, is the clear view on the glass of two lip prints that are side by side.  For some reason they are coming off looking  like two strange eyelids crunched closed.  I know they are just imprints, but while looking at the sky through them floating in mid air on the glass, one gets the uncanny feeling that someone is watching every keystroke or scratching of ones head.

It’s good to start with a joke, no matter how feeble.  My concern these days is that we are all very possibly taking everything way too serious.  Now I’m not trying to make light of all the troubles of the world, of which we are all very aware from the evening news or the ever present internet that is plugged into each of our brains.  Nope, I’m not advocating that we hide our heads in the sand either, begging for blissful ignorance of all the problems to be tackled. What I am saying, is that in essence by being overly concerned we weaken our abilities to resolve those issues.

Stay with me here on this!  Anxiety seems to be the favorite past time, right next to baseball, mom’s and apple pie.  Anxiety about the rapid changes that are occurring all about us the world over, about the present and unfolding future.  We do all manner to clamp down, appease, and suppress it, dealing with it through all ways possible to get through the day.  Yet no matter how we try it sneaks in with the mail, out of the corner of ones eye.  One of the most remarkable things about anxiety is that it actually causes a rather remarkable drop in the ability for a person to perform at their peak, unlike a smattering of stress which is just the opposite, it raises acumen as long as it is in moderate bite size doses.

Within the paralysis we are powerless to make the changes or confront that which needs to be tackled.  But to this I would like to scream the opposite, that perhaps it is time for a revival or the beginning of a movement to appeal to the absurd, the surreal (but I dislike this word due to its loaded connotations but will keep it begrudgingly!).  How you may be asking will this make the least amount of difference in the world, this absurdity?  Well let me explain.

Just as the court jester, the comedian, and clown can speak truths while we laugh, absurdity can as well.  Without pretense all things can be gotten out into the open to be seen in works that point out and directly confront that which is vexing our days and dreams.  For seeing a thing with all its complexities dissected before us in a messy blood strewn way, we can begin to digest piece by piece a manner to resolve it.  We as creatures have gotten very smart at identifying that which is hitting us head on and numbing its effects.  Instead we need to use other tactics to make it beyond the moat and raised drawbridge.

And to support my argument that this is already under way: Tiger blood!





About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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