O Canada!

Sometimes it is best to not think.

We are taught to consider every major move that we make, the pros, the cons, the pitfalls, and the potential gains that may be realized before we take action.  This is of value for most decisions, but not for the most challenging choices.  Thinking is the enemy of actions, slowing the reflexes by milliseconds, making all the difference between a good serve, from one that misses being in by yards, not inches.

Then there is the other philosophy, of just throwing things out like under cooked spaghetti, wondering if the starches will allow for it to stick or bounce.  There is a good deal of this these days, with all manner of ghastly creations being set loose on the world.  Strong constitutions are needed to withstand all that is thrown out daily, most carrying hardly a scant whiff of meaning or thought.  Every once in a while, something will stick using this method, and 15 seconds of fame is found.  Sounds like a horrible return when you consider that the vast majority of what was done had zero to do with a personal interest, and more to do with molding ones own psyche to a mimicry mode.

The hockey coach attitude is probably one of the best being ‘just shoot the puck!’ There’s a specific target, the person in a mask and body armor stranding in front of very small goal.  One of the follies of a great offense is the tendency to get overly cute, passing with fluid ease, making it all look quite beautiful, yet when it comes down to it they tend to have all manner of issues scoring.  The scrappy enforcer, who lacks little in technique or grace, has a greater chance of scoring while in a scrum in-front of the net because of following that one line of advice from the coach.  Focus and clarity, and the willingness to get in and mix it up, even if that means scoring a very ugly goal which cements the win.

Why all of this about thinking?  Strictly for the reason of clearing up within myself the tendencies to over think, analyze, and ruminate on when a work is completed or not.  For me, the question speaks to my education, to the training of being thorough and rigorous with each movement, each step.  This mode of thinking is great if the chosen profession one is in involves anything that can profoundly effect others lives in a medical or mechanical way.

Perhaps a balance can be struck, 10% analysis and 90% ‘shooting of the puck’.




About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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