Triple knotted shoe laces

A failed attempt to give shoes away for free

Take your clothes off before you enter.

Simple enough thing to do, first you start with the shoes, undoing the buckles or knots, next socks or hosiery, then the choice is between the top or bottom sections (or dress for those that are so adorned).  For those that are commando, well you are kind of done at this point, but for all others, boxers, thongs, panties, and perhaps bras for those so inclined are to be removed and placed on top of the pile of already discarded items (hopefully neatly folded, not jumbled like some dorm room mate would do).

And now go inside.

If you notice, off to your left, just beyond the doorway, there is a short table with beverages, refreshments, something to snack on, for all those that are feeling peckish (hungry for the yanks out there).    Sunlight has been imported, natural of course, with minimal amounts of UV for all those out there concerned about cancer.  The room temperature has been set for the comfortable range of 37 to 38 Celsius (98.6∞ F for the yanks and common wealth folk), which to some may seem a bit heated, but once you glide about in the warmth and ease will be found. Lounges and rugs have placed all about the large room, places to gather if you wish, or to rest in silence, all of which is your choice.  The only rule, if we could even call it that, is that you experience the space while you are in it.

Take a look around you, there is lots to see.

Sure there are others, like yourself, but different in their own way.  Some taller, others shorter, some thin, others not, and of course a wide variety of colours in the way of skin, eye, and hair, but that’s just the surface stuff, the things that are easy to see.  No, take a look at the other dimensions, or listen to what is being said, that’s where the pulp of all matters is found.  You can’t see the heart, the thoughts, and emotions of the others, you can only experience them within yourself.

Linger for as long as you like, then leave when you are ready.

There’s no set time limit, no expectations, no requirements on what should or could happen within your stay.  Some choose to leave after a minute or two, others reside for days on end.  At times the procession of others may seem overwhelming, but it’s all part of the ebb and flow, the nature of the space.  Many memories, sorrows, and happinesses can be found, no matter the length of ones stay.  When you do decide that it is time to pass back out, let go lightly, walk slowly.  In the darkness outside of the threshold, clothing is waiting to be worn. Choose whatever you may like, whatever may suit you even if it is different from what you may have worn when you arrived.  It matters little, in fact it doesn’t matter at all.










About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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