Close up of Castings by Sarah Seager

What’s the genesis of an idea?  Or is it that there never was a beginning, only one long thread of interconnected dialogue that passes from one distant memory to the present?  Perhaps there is no connection, just random inputs that allow for the stacking of individual pieces that some how or another combine into a manifestation of something outside of ourselves.

Of course I have no answers for the above questions.  I don’t have a foggy clue as to how anything of least importance happens to stumble into a thing of merit.  I would love to believe in Eternal Reoccurrance, something mad dog Friedrich N. came to in his embroiled madness.  That would require some grand god, being or designer that created a closed system that like the beat of ones heart, continually contracts and expands.  Very sexy idea, neat, well packaged, something that would make a Buddha laugh.  Hinduism also would emphatically agree, throwing in all manner or ritual and spin to account for the endless birth and death cycle.  And then there is that whole Ayn Rand super being bastardization of F’s work, putting a capitalist twist, all hail the uber wealthy super man, hence John Galt.

Nope, just can’t buy it, in fact I would sell.  The simplest answer is usually the correct one.  Where one gets in trouble is when cuteness is added where it isn’t necessary.  We can all see with our eyes, the cycle of birth, life, and death.  There is nothing clever to it, it just is.  Special super secret sauce isn’t required.

In seeing things as they are, not as we wished them to be, all manner of work can be accomplished.  Observation, this is the cornerstone of the sciences, a foundation that entails a keen eye, a blanket acceptance that things can change and alter without our consent and agreement.  Concrete is concrete, an Elm tree is exactly that, an Elm tree and nothing more or less.

Yet forms can be created, stacked, spun, added, subtracted to, but they inherently are just themselves, things.  In combining forms, organic, mineral, or gas, all manner of construction can and does occur to endow the recombinated item with a sound, a symbol, a sacred notion that would make any Euclidean approve.  On a dirty DNA level, there is something that has been built in, that in it’s manifestation as humans, a curve, a color, a context means something that jumps outside of our understanding, relying on instinct and its odd friend intuition.

But all of this loops back to the beginning of this posting.  No, actually in thinking about it, that is the answer.  We already have the answers, it is just doing the work that assures that we can see and hear them.



About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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