The happy after

Emi inspecting her bag of lawn decorations

I would love to say that this week has been as normal as they come, it hasn’t.  Seemingly the strangest of things have occurred out of the blue, with a constant state of change and fluidity that makes zero in the way of sense.  But that’s okay, sometimes a fly in the soup makes for an interesting dish, or conversation.

The nice thing, is that everything is quieting down for the moment.  No encounters with cars, no ten round battles with ex’s, and all the kids seem to have settled back into a happy routine.  Even the resilient flu bug is tempering itself, quickly being brought back into check.  All of this being just in time for a weekend of great weather and work.

There is work, the thing that we all attempt to do, which usually entails someone else maintaining a peering glance over our shoulders, and making policy changes for the fun of it.  Then there is the real ‘Work’ (the one with a capital W) that is filled with uncertainty, contradictions, and ambiguity.  The rules that define that Work, are set only by the participant, with little if any expectation that a small act of creation occurs, but is only a step, a pebble in the overall wall of works that are done.  This Work, is intended to not be monetized, or to be clear, money isn’t the root of its inception or execution.

Perhaps the goal in each outcome, is the sense of shock.  Maybe it is about being bowled over by perplexity at the thing that has taken shape and form, standing on its own, unable to be erased.  A glass of wine or two only adds to the bafflement, going back out to see it again in flood lite darkness, feeling uneasy and happy at the same time.  Of course there is undercurrent, but that more has to come with time, with living with the work, passing it daily during the usual week.  Sometimes it only takes a few days to feel a familiarity with it, others requiring months before a relationship with the work can be found.

So yes, all is back to normal, filled with uncertainty, insecurity, and hope.



About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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