Trapeze Artists and nets

Clay at Xmas Dinner 2010

Time passes so quickly. One moment there is a child by your-side, and in what seems to be a flash of a second in hindsight, they are gone, off into a world that is unique and their own. Climbing trees, pedaling bicycles, running through parks and streets, they explore the world becoming more complex and complicated as each day unfolds. Just when you think that you have grasped the enormity of it all, the entire scope of what is occurring it slips away.

Sure, there are moments of anger, frustration, and uncertainty, but they are only that, just fleeting vapors. There are so many things to be concerned with, whether they are hanging out with the ‘right crowd’, drugs, influences that jade or tarnish life, and a continuing distancing as their own trajectory is defined alone. All of these things, the tid bits that pepper days, weeks, months and years are the conflict that creates the next generation. There is a commonality among everyone that makes it through the roils of puberty, the angst and mistrust of those that heavy handedly dictate direction and protocol.

And as parents, we have our own struggles through careers, hopes and wishes, that coincide with our gains or losses. At some point the wedding announcements stop arriving, and after a brief period of time, calls, emails, and cards setting the date for memorial services filter in. We concern ourselves with our weight, lifestyle and exercise regiments, wanting to make sure that we are able to stretch the time line for even a few more days, if not years. Each day the sunsets are breathed in with more delight and pleasure than the day before, each dawn greeted with a sigh.

It is within our children though, the ones that are quickly escaping our orbit and influence, that particular happiness is discovered. Understanding that ‘Yes’ certain choices will make for more difficult outcomes, but it is their world, their decisions to make, not ours. We are the ones staring upward, the net below the trapeze artists, keeping vigilance as we gaze in wonder as they fly and twirl through the air with such ease and merriment. We wait in a state of silence and grace, to catch them, then push them back up into the upper reaches to again amaze us with their agility and fearless folly. That is our job. The soul purpose. That as the years pass, we renew within each day, each conversation, each good night, the understanding that we are present, aware, alive, just as was the case on the day they entered this world, into this life, our life, their own.




About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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