Pink Rabbit foot keychains

Strapped and Nailed by Sarah Seager

Strapped and Nailed by Sarah Seager

What ever happened to the lucky rabbit foot that people used to carry around? Haven’t seen one for years, or perhaps decades really. I’m not sure why, it’s not like the world no longer has a need for a small amount of proverbial ‘good luck’. Maybe it’s the animal rights movement that put a stop to it, deciding that amputated rabbits were becoming to big of a liability for society to have to care for.

Luck, chance, the spinning of a roulette wheel, the chamber of a gun spun with five hopes for another round, the prayer beads that dangle from a pious persons hand. Each seems to equate to a desire that some greater and grander force moves the fortunes of the individual actors, the average citizen. A four leaf clover can change a life of challenge into one of leisure or warm fuzzy happiness, or so the story goes. Nice to imagine, to believe, to long for giving over a sense of personal control to the winds of fate.

The question that comes to the surface, has more to do with bridging the world of science with the shadowy world of talismans and charms. The by product of a methodical process of testing, duplicating, peer reviewing, and open debate, has shaped a world that lives longer, in greater comfort, and in a state of relative peace (more so than has been true for tens of thousands of years). These two worlds are in conflict, yet coexist with one another in a state of resignation, balancing between the needs of individuals that lack the understanding of theoretical concepts and abstract ideas. In a world where everything is on the table at all times, and is subject to change or be tweaked with for improvement, the notion of something that is rock solid, never changing, such as a god or tangible item that you carry in your pocket or purse, seems to be a welcome relief.

Yet, the question still hangs in the balance, in that the greatest advances are slowly coming on the horizon. The inertia that inhibits the rapidity with which we can reach them, is directly related to the drag that is created from the body of population that clings to the ancients. There must be some middle ground found, where intellectual pursuit is allowed to move forward, without the fish hooks of beliefs slowing its progress. I doubt this will happen though, that third way, and instead the ideological wars will continue to rage, two steps forward, then one back. A polarization occurring to the point where a zip code, a town, a province, will instead clearly define the venues of progress, from those of disenfranchisement.



About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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