Three different languages

Entanglement by Sarah Seager

Isn’t it beautiful!  An absolutely gorgeous idea, something that extends beyond the three dimensional plane, into an infinite space.

And this, for the 3 dimensional world that we are accustom to, the one that we move about in as human beings.  Schrodinger’s equations are used for describing the quantum world, the one which is composed of particles locked in electromagnetic fields, vibrating and interconnected.  The Austrian physicist, in 1926 devised these equations to explain something that only theoretically could be imagined.

Why the interest in delving into equations that were written just under a century ago now?  Many actually, but they are on the macro level, not the quantum.  There is no grand theory that is being put forward, or even toyed with.  But we are all impacted by explanations that occur in the world that is unseen but ever present.  Entangled, motivated, and interconnected we move about each day in a trajectory that is undefined, uncertain.

I guess all I am trying to say today, is that perhaps it would be great if people gave the smallest of thoughts to the unseen world.  Maybe during a commercial break over the nightly tube, allow yourself to consider that which is taken for granted.  Imagine your body as a tiny particle, being pulled and pushed about by jostling waves of energy within a sea of space.  Somewhere over the horizon of sight a small speck can be made out, the nearest object nearby appearing as a distant star shimmering as it is energized in a ever changing state of ionization.   Try with all your might to fix your space in time, your movement through it, noting your position in relation to your neighbors, the absolute singularity of your own presence.

You just are, a thing, composed of many parts, tied to unseen waves of energy that pass through, around, and push you forward through time and space.



About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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