The trouble with Enoch…

It should be all so simple.  We climbed out of the trees onto the savanna and began the long road of development to the species that we are now.  Sure, there were all sorts of bumps and mistarts that happened along the way, with the exception of the invention of monster truck rallies and bingo, it all worked out well enough.  Wars break out from time to time, famine is usually a recurrent problem now and then again, but overall we have to admit the 21st century is pretty great. Where things get weird, is following the arcane thread of stories and myths back to our ancestors, the ones that dressed in sandals and robes, and could call shepherding a career.  Back in that space of time, the records get mighty sketchy with all sorts of details, whether it be about talking serpents, great floods, and having ones wife turn into a giant salt lick for looking back at her home as it was being destroyed.

Where things get even odder, is in a little known canon called the Book of Enoch.  For all the HP Lovecraft fans out there, the Book of Enoch was a starting place of the stories of rebellious angels, giant mutants, and that the world is one of many populated by beings that are very different from us.  Lovecraft was aware of the occult idea that long before man came into his own, that multiple races of other worldly folk with great powers populated the countryside and oceans.  He ran with the idea, creating his on pantheon of gods and sub beings that skitter in and out of moments in his books.

But I digress.

Enoch, the man, was Adam’s (of the Adam and Eve coupling) great great great great great great great grandson, and in turn Noah’s great grandfather.  Now back in those days, all of these folks lived 400 plus years (a steady diet of sheep cheese and wine will do that for anyone), with most of the fathering of these children being  after the age of 100 (who says sex gets worse the older you get!).  So there was lots of overlap, meaning you tended to see several generations hanging about if you were Adam or Cain.  Where things get strange, is that sometime during the first thousand years a new lot of folk showed up.
According to Book of Enoch, a legion of angels decided that they too wanted to get into this fatherhood action.  So they settled down and took wives, and promptly started having children. Now the weirdness gets started.  The angels produced giants, as in monstrously huge people that stood very tall, and pretty much ate everything in sight.  Not content to just make over-sized people, the angels also decided to help mankind out a bit, by teaching them how to work with metals, to make swords, arrows, and all sorts of fancy things like jewelry.  Makeup evidently was one of their suggestions for human women, teaching the value of proper application and colors.

Now this is not what the creator evidently intended, meaning it was already a mess of things that Adam and Eve hadn’t listened to him in the first place, now he had his own angels mucking around creating destructive spawn that were destroying all of his creation.  His creations were wearing makeup and jewelry, making swords and having battles, and to top it off they liked things, possessions, more than worshiping him.  So to set things right, he cast out the legion of angels, basically burying them in a pit of darkness, only to be released at the end of time.  The giants and the possession loving people of the world, well they all went under in a large flood, that Noah and his clan survived.

But I suspect that he missed a few of the possession loving, makeup wearing, weapon totting folk.  Or maybe Noah decided to bring a sword along, just for protection, and his wife packed her favorite eye shadow for all those long grey days of rain they were going to endure.  And Enoch himself, what became of him, well he was taken up to the clouds without dying, hence making him the oldest living person from this planet in the universe.

Like I said, our ancestors saw some wacky things according to the Book of Enoch.  But I don’t know, if you put your ear to the ground, just maybe you will hear the tap-tap-tapping of that legion that loves to get in the action, wondering when they get to come out and play.


About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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