Ready, Able

A shimmering bowl of water reflecting sunlight is what greets me today.

Taking a step forward sometimes means making sure that the past is protected, or at least preserved so that those that are coming after will have a postcard, a painting, or an errant letter to refer to, to note on. All of which takes work and focus that recognizes that perhaps there won’t be a tomorrow after all. But that sounds morbid, which isn’t the intent or desire. It is more based out of a kindness, an understanding and appreciation for those around us.

Our brains are clever things. They love hearing stories, taking in pathos, drama, romance, and good old fashion gossip. Best of all, it creates its own story, the story of ourselves, doing all it can to make sense of what it is taking in and experiencing. In the depths of dreams it sorts through bits and pieces of information, slapping it together into surreal creations that are echoes of awake time. Regardless of how mundane the day may have been, nightmares or paradise can be constructed and shown within the inner story.

The result of all this pasting and patching together of light, sound, taste, and touch, comprises everything that we are. Then there are the extensions of the story, out into the world, the actions that are taken. The work that is done, whether it be boring or enlightening are outgrowths of that story, reinforcing or shifting it. The results are sublime and unconscious.

Protecting the story, the individual narrative, is one of the most important things everyone should do. Recognition that ones own life, no matter how uneventful, is tied, bound, and linked to everyone else, no matter the tiniest of threads it may be connected by. The past of the ancients is embedded within us, pushing outward into our children, their future beyond us.


About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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