The fallacy of time

Time is nothing more than something that we construct within ourselves, within each moment to moment of this experience of life. Everything is arbitrary.

And in passing this one day, this shared evening where everything supposedly changes from one year into a magically new one, all hopes, dreams and aspirations for something new will occur and come to pass. But we know they won’t. We know they never were meant to, otherwise they would’ve already. In each moment we decide, we choose that which it is that we want. There are no sign posts, flashing lights, nor warning signs that dissuade us from doing all that we do in this life.

Living within the dream of this life, the one that we are lied to about, the one that we embrace yet know that it sits far outside of who we are, we regardless reach for a notion of the new. The only change that occurs is the one that flows from the past into the present, washing over us, pushing us forward into the future. Base desire, that which distracts from the act of living a life that is awake and aware of all that is going on about it, is to be avoided, walked away from, ignored.

There is no escape. And that is the beauty of it all. Confronting daily all that is relevant, in flux, we realize the value of life. There is nowhere to conceal ones eyes, to flush thoughts, to hide from that which is dominant and concrete. As said, there is no escape.

The beauty of life is exactly that, life. Loving, feeling each emotion that comes with the rise of the sun as it crosses the sky, to only set within a haze to the east. Each day, each hour, comes with its own understanding, its own epiphany.

Rain drips from the eaves, gentle snow far above, changing as it falls through the air, to touch our bodies, our lips, the soil that rests below our feet.


About Sarah Seager

I am an artist that works and lives in the wilds of Los Angeles.
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